Frequently Asked Questions


1. Do I still need an eVisitor account?

Yes, you need to have an active eVisitor account to use inCheckin.

2. Which documents can be scanned by inCheckin?

inCheckin can scan travel and personal documents with MRZ (Machine Readable Zone). This includes all passports, most other travel documents and recent ID cards issued by EU member countries.

3. What if I make a mistake while filling in the data?

inCheckin verifies the data obtained from scanned documents, but it is possible for errors to occur, so it is recommended to double check the data before sending it.
Even if you send incorrect data, it is possible to change and resend it using inCheckin app. It is also possible to make changes using the eVisitor web interface.

4. What if I want to change arrival or departure dates?

It is possible to change the departure date for each individual guest within an active check-in. However, if you checked-in guests with an incorrect arrival date, it is not possible to change the date using the inCheckin app. A formal request to change the date must be submitted using the eVisitor web interface.
If you created a check-in with a wrong arrival date but you haven't checked-in any of the guests yet, simply create a new check-in with the correct arrival date (Warning: if you create a new checkin, you will lose all guest data in the old check-in).

5. Do guest documents contain all the required data for eVisitor check-ins?

It dependes on the document type, issuer and required data for guests from a specific country. inCheckin will warn you if it is not possible to scan and read all required data from a document. It will also tell you which information should be filled in manually.

6. Does inCheckin automatically check-out guests?

Automatic guest check-out must be manually enabled for each accommodation object using the eVisitor web interface. Unfortunately, inCheckin cannot do this for you. You can, however, check-out guests manually using inCheckin app.

7. Does inCheckin automatically register guests at MUP (Croatian Ministry of the Interior)?

Automatic registration of guests at MUP must also be enabled manually using the eVisitor web interface. Unfortunately, inCheckin cannot do this for you. If this option is enabled, all guests checked in via inCheckin will be sent to the MUP system as well.

8. Which devices are supported?

Apple: Any iPhone that supports iOS8 and newer.
Android: Android devices with decent camera that supports autofocus and Android 5.0 and up.